Veteran music producer of over 30 years, Joel Wertman is taking on a new role as executive producer of the upcoming drama series “Becoming Alex,” coming to The Heartland Network this fall. 

“This new series is going to be an exciting look at music industry as seen through the eyes of a young artist,” Wertman said. “Guiding this new series is a natural extension of my music background and my previous work in television with The Heartland Network, Retro TV and other networks.” 

Wertman is teaming up with Shaftesbury Films, Canada’s leading television production house, to produce “Becoming Alex,” set to begin shooting this spring. The series is currently casting its lead which will feature an actress who is accomplished as both, an actor and singer. 

“Becoming Alex” follows the story of Alex Russell, a young music artist who is trying to make her way through the ever-changing music industry. The show will touch on many of today’s top topics such as civil rights, the MeToo movement, divergent family relationships, the pandemic and more. 

Known for his work as producer for Goo Goo Dolls, Bush, No Doubt and many others, Wertman takes on the new drama series with a commitment to realism, original music and engaging characters that reveal the music industry’s unique dynamics and the talented performers who must struggle to fulfill their dreams.  

The show will also be dedicated to presenting original music, performed by established and up-and-coming artists as part of each week’s episode to illustrate the artistry and passion behind each artist as they navigate an often unforgiving industry. To illustrate this aspect of the show, Wertman is producing an album featuring various artists which will be released in the fall to coincide with the series’ debut. 

Already, two singles from the album have reached Billboard’s Top 20 in the Adult Contemporary Chart, featuring Canadian singer Veronika. The songs, “So Many Lies,” and “Homesick,” were co-produced by Wertman’s son Shane P-W, who himself has worked with such artists as legendary guitarist Kenny Hawkins, Chinese pop superstar Jing, renowned pianist/composer Randy Kerber, among others

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