Retro TV is launching "Dracula's Kung Fu Theatre" hosted by Dracula (played for laughs by comedian Brad Cotter) which features some of his favorite kung fu films. Brad would love to chat about the new show and how he'll feature some of his old favorites and mix in his inimitable humor as Dracula, in between scenes.
Taking a page out of Elvira's playbook Dracula will introduce each film with his trademark Transylvanian accent and his own take on each film, culled from his personal VHS library. Brad will also discuss the enduring appeal of kung fu movies and Bruce Lee, who has become a film icon, due in part to his sudden death at the height of his fame. Brad would also discuss how his fascination for Dracula led to his role as the vampire himself in this new show.
Here are the social media links for comedian Brad Cotter and his show "Dracula's Kung Fu Theater":
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