Farmer to Business Owner

From Farm Boy to Business Owner:               

The Journey of Brad Neufeld

Here are few question I ask Brad

How did you end up on a farm?
What has happened since your farming days?
What made you want to become an entrepreneur?
So what path did you end up choosing?
What are some of the lessons that you have learned along the way?
What advice can you offer others that have similar desires?


Brad J. Neufeld is the founder and CEO of Affinity Guidance Services and the developer of the Positive Self-Management Learning System. With over 30 years of experience assisting others with personal challenges and attainment of personal goals and desires, he began functioning as a “life coach” long before it became a flourishing industry. With a personal history of overcoming personal and family challenges, he has developed his ideas both from life experience as well as formal education emphasizing the study of human development and behavior. He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (MNLP).

Brad’s basic belief is that all human beings possess talents and passions, yet few ever discover what they are truly capable of during their lifetime. He developed the Positive Self-Management Learning System while acting as the Program Director of WinField Kids, a project in Southern Utah that, in 2001, sprang from the Federal Workforce Investment Act. An early pre-curser to today’s wrap-around concept it was utilized by over 1,600 clients during a five year period in 11 counties in Southern Utah.

The Learning System is the foundation of Affinity Guidance Services and is a purely educational curriculum, applicable for use in schools as well as in wraparound home based programs. Although authored by Brad, its development was reviewed and edited by educators, social services, licensed clinicians, and the Utah Department of Workforce Services to meet regulatory and compliance rules as well as to assist with ongoing program modifications to provide continuous program improvement and outcomes.

In addition to his contributions in Southern Utah, Brad has also been a motivational speaker, a host on both radio and television, and a supporter of translating good common sense into usable strategies to develop satisfying lives. His word for it is “transformational learning” which he defines as the act of implementing and assimilating what one has learned.


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