Guest is Sean Bair CEO of a NEW app call NOURI.. 

Nouri means to nourish. Nourish your relationships, your connections, and your business by remembering to stay in touch with the people in your life. When you Prioritize People, your life becomes more meaningful, and your opportunities flourish.

Get past connecting superficially, and really make a difference in your life by showing you really care about the people around you. Nouri helps you remember everything you need to make sure that no one and nothing falls through the cracks. Nouri will:

- Remind you in advance about the special events in your people's lives, like birthdays, so you don't end up just posting a lame "Happy Birthday" instead of having the time to get them a meaningful gift.

- Regularly remind you to stay in touch with everyone you want to strengthen your relationship with.

- Help you easily share important information about yourself and others as you strive to network and connect with as many people as you can, without making your connections superficial.

- Organize the people in your life in to your many different social circles, so you can focus on one area of your network at a time.

- Manage robust personal information about the people in your life, so you never forget a name, by searching anything you remember about them to find their contact information.

Nouri also helps you set flexible goals to reach out to people regularly. But when you're to busy to connect with others, simply snooze your reminders until the next day so you can get back up to speed once you have the time.

Consolidate all the social media posts of one person, so you can focus on the person you might see every once in a while in your social media feeds, rather than the endless scroll for content to entertain you.

When you change your phone number, address, or email, or any information you want to share with others, Nouri will automatically make sure that the people you have shared your information with have all of your most up-to-date information. No more calling or texting the wrong number by accident.

Nouri also keeps track of all your most recent interactions with everyone, so you don't forget what you've already talked about, and where you last left your conversation, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Curate and share contact information about the people you interact with, or even businesses you like, so when you travel, you can remember where your favorite places are without having to search for them again.

Integrated with any messaging or communication app you have so you can easily include any conversation.

Prioritize People with Nouri, and you will see how easy it is to keep your social wellness healthy and strong.


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