Bill Humbert is Talent Attraction Expert with 39 years of Talent Attraction experience. Career Transition Expert with 25 years of Career Transition Coaching Professionals to their Dream Job. Known as the Candidate Whisperer. 

Author of Two books "Finding A Career" with the third book to be published in January 2021 - "Expect Success! "The Art Of The Over 50 Career Search!" My 2nd book is "Employee 5.0: Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In the New World Order" exhorts Professionals to TAKE CHARGE of their Search and their Career!

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BIO – Bill made an important discovery at age 9 when he delivered his Washington Daily News afternoon paper route – Money gives you Independence. At age 10, he added the morning The Washington Post paper route to his business – Yes, in those days, paperboys were independent contractors. At age 12, he truly tested the independence that a steady income provided. He informed his Dad that he was not going to attend the local public high school. His Dad informed Bill that he would not pay the private school tuition since the family could not afford it. Bill told his Dad that he was accepted at DeMatha Catholic High School. It cost $500 per year. Bill earned $140 per month on his paper routes – “I got this!” He also paid his way through Assumption University in Worcester, MA.

In 1981, he became a contingent Recruiter (HeadHunter) in the competitive Washington, DC market. In 1990, he started his Talent Attraction (Recruiting) consulting business in Maryland. In 1994, he and his family moved to Iowa where he grew his business. In 2009, he and his wife moved to Park City, UT. Since then, he added speaking and writing to his business. Bill is recognized nationally as both a Talent Attraction Expert and an Expert Professional Career Coach. Some people call him “The Candidate Whisperer.”

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